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Social Science Courses and Manuals

United States History

The Discovery Of America

Eng Course- The oil and gas sector in Venezuela- Download Free PDF

INTRODUCTION Since politics and the energy sector are very much  linked to each other in Venezuela, it is important  to understand the current political situation of the country and its background. HISTORY OF CHÁVEZ ADMINISTRATION President Chávez was elected president of Venezuela in December 1998. After having taken office in...
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Eng Course- The Aztecs- Download Free PDF

Background information The Mexica (later known as the Aztecs) were a migrant people from the desert north who arrived in Mesoamerica in the 1300s.  This previously nomadic tribe was not welcomed by the local inhabitants who viewed them as inferior and undeveloped.  Legend tells that as a result the Aztecs wandered waiting for...
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Eng Course- Jose Marti's Our America- Download Free PDF

The prideful villager thinks his hometown contains the whole world, and as long as he can stay on as mayor or humiliate the rival who stole his sweetheart or watch his nest egg accumulating in its strongbox he believes the universe to be in good order, unaware of the giants in seven-league boots who can crush him underfoot or the battling comets...
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Eng Course- Dictatorship, Democracy, and Development- Download Free PDF

In my student days, in reading Edward Banfield's (1958) account of the beliefs of the  people  in  a poor  village in  Southern Italy, I  came upon  a remarkable statement by  a  village monarchist. He said,  "Monarchy is  the  best  kind  of  government because...
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Eng Course- Industrial Revolution- Download Free PDF

INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION. The term  Industrial Revolution is normally reserved for a set of events that took place in Britain roughly from 1760 to 1830. The historical events in question consisted of a set of technological, economic, and social changes that in the long run revolutionized not just the British economy but that of the rest...
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Eng Course- Simon Bolivar Complete History- Download Free PDF

Independent Reading Passage:  “Simon Bolivar” This passage provides biographical information on Simon Bolivar and his life as a revolutionary leader in colonial South America.  The passage could serve as either an introductory or a supplemental passage in students’ study of Spanish colonization in the Americas. DOWNLOAD COU...
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Eng Course- Slavery and Justice- Download Free PDF

Contents Introduction 3 Slavery, the Slave Trade, and Brown University 7 Confronting Historical Injustice: Comparative Perspectives 32 Confronting Slavery’s Legacy: The Reparations Question 58 Slavery and Justice: Concluding Thoughts 80 Recommendations 83 Endnotes 88 Image Credits 106 Acknowledgments 106 DOWNLOAD COUR...
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Eng Course- All about Chile- Download Free PDF

A History of Chile, 1808–2002, Second Edition A History of Chile chronicles the nation’s political, social, and economic evolution from its independence until the early years of the Lagos regime. Employing primary and secondary materials, it explores the growth of Chile’s agricultural economy, during which the large landed estates appeared;...
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Eng Course- All about Pyramid of Egypt- Download Free PDF

First from the book The Great Pyramid Decoded by Raymond Capt ,1978   Herodotus informs us that the construction  of the Great Pyramid commenced only when a sufficient force of skilled masons was available. He wrote, "They worked to the number of one hundred thousand men at a time, each party three months." It took 20 years labor...
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