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First from the book The Great Pyramid Decoded by Raymond Capt ,1978  
Herodotus informs us that the construction  of the Great Pyramid commenced only when a
sufficient force of skilled masons was available. He wrote, "They worked to the number of one
hundred thousand men at a time, each party three months." It took 20 years labor although some
records add 10 years for cutting stone and preparing the site.
Herodotus continues: "This pyramid was first built in the form of a flight of steps. After the
workmen had completed the pyramid in this form, (probably by means of four ramps, one on each
side increasing in height around the pyramid as the pyramid heightened they raised other stones
(casing stones) by means of machines, made of short beams, from the ground of the first tier of
steps; and after the stone was placed there it was raised to the second tier by another machine; for
there were as many machines as there was tiers of steps; or perhaps the same machine, if it was
easily moved was raised from one tier to the other, as it was required for lifting the stones."
 Herodotus also states that Cheops never used the Great Pyramid as a tomb, but was buried
elsewhere, namely "in a subterranean region on  a island there surrounded by the waters of the
Nile." This is confirmed by the historian Diodorus Siculus who says Cheops was buried "in an
abscure place." An additional archaeological confirmation has recently been discovered in an
inscription on a scarab found by the Egyptologist Abdul Moneim Abu Bakr which speaks of the
"Southern Tomb of Khufu." The Southern Tomb is obviously not a pyramid, which would not
conform to Diodorus' description "an obscure place."

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