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Eng Course- Industrial Revolution- Download Free PDF

Revolution is normally reserved for a set of events that took
place in Britain roughly from 1760 to 1830. The historical
events in question consisted of a set of technological, economic, and social changes that in the long run revolutionized not just the British economy but that of the rest of
western Europe, North America, and eventually much of
the rest of the world. The Industrial Revolution brought
about a “modern” economy in which technological progress did not just happen from time to time in isolated sectors but became a sustained and continuous process, resulting eventually in unprecedented economic growth and
increases in living standards in much of the world. Its
effects led to a complete reorganization of production,
consumption, locational patterns, international relations,
demographic behavior, and almost every aspect of the human condition. Yet unlike the American and French revolutions that were contemporaneous with it, the Industrial
Revolution brought economic changes that were neither
dramatic nor very abrupt. There are no industrial equivalents to the Battle of Lexington or the conquest of the
Bastille. Yet in the economic history of humankind, the Industrial Revolution marks a watershed. Although some
other events are sometimes designed as “industrial revolutions,” to say nothing of “agricultural,” “demographic,”
and other assorted revolutions, none of them equals the
Industrial Revolution in importance.

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