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Eng Course- Dictatorship, Democracy, and Development- Download Free PDF

In my student days, in reading Edward Banfield's
(1958) account of the beliefs of the  people  in  a
poor  village in  Southern Italy, I  came upon  a
remarkable statement by  a  village monarchist. He
said,  "Monarchy is  the  best  kind  of  government
because the King is then owner of the country. Like
the owner of a house, when the wiring is wrong, he
fixes it" (p. 26). The villager's argument jarred against
my democratic convictions. I could not deny that the
owner of a country would have an incentive to make
his property productive. Could the germ of truth in
the  monarchist's argument be  reconciled with  the
case for democracy?
It is only in recent years that I have arrived at an
answer  to  this  question.  It  turns  out  that  for  a
satisfactory answer one needs a new theory of dicta-
torship and  democracy and  of  how  each  of  these
types of government affects economic development.
Once this new theory is understood, one can begin to
see how autocracies and democracies first emerge. I
shall set out this conception in a brief and informal
way and use it to explain some of the most conspic-
uous features of historical experience.

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