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Eng Book- Organizational Development- Download Free PDF


Over the years, Organizational Development (OD) has continued its
growth and its orientation towards solving organizational problems. It is
certainly an important way of changing and improving organizations.
Schien (1992), mentions that Organizational Development as a
planned change process, managed from the top, taking into account
both the technical and the human sides of the organization. OD has its
roots in psychology and sociology, and an extensive work by various
academic researchers, with a primary focus to understand
organizations and the individuals within them.
Organizational Development is a professional field of social and also an
area of scientific inquiry. Organizational Development covers a wide
range of activities, it covers various topics, including the effects of
planned change, the methods of organizational change, and the factors
influencing Organizational Development‟s success.
Different authors understand Organizational Development with slightly
different emphasis. Warner Burke (1982) states Organizational
Development as a planned process of change in an organization‟s
culture through the utilization of behavioural science technology,
research and theory.
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