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Eng Course- A Guidebook in PC Hardware, Maintenance and Repair- Download Free PDF

Topic Page Number
Foreword iv
Course Objectives and Required Materials 1
Places to get a toolkit 2
Course Reading Assignment 3
Section 1: Learning the Basics 4
Facts about electrical power and surge suppressors 5
How do viruses affect your computer 6
Definitions of basic computer components 7
Types of bus connectors 10
What is POST and what does it do for you 11
Steps in the boot process 12
Typical AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS files 13
Memory usage in the DOS environment 14
General guidelines for repairing computers 15
Good diagnostic and preparation software 16
How to fill out a tag on a tested computer 17
Component identification worksheet 18
Parts identification worksheet 19
How to identify a motherboard 20
Basic DOS commands 21
Tips to remember when running CMOS setup programs 22
Steps to preparing a hard disk for use 23
IRQ and port address reference sheet 24
Computer Reclamation PC repair guidelines 25
Floppy drive testing guidelines 26
Hard drive testing guidelines 27
Monitor testing guidelines 28
Keyboard testing guidelines 29
What exactly is a network 30
What exactly is a server 31
Major types of network topologies 33
How do networks pass data from one place to another 35
How will my PC operate when connected to a LAN 36
What happens when you log into a network 37
What will be covered in Test #1 38
Section 2: Moving to the next level 41
What makes a PC "conservatively designed" 42
What makes a multimedia PC 43
Tips to remember when buying a PC 44
Tips to remember when supporting computer systems 45
Checkit basics 46
Norton Utilities basics 47
Spinrite basics 49
Modem communications basics 50
Guide to using Procomm version 2.4.2 51
Steps to bringing a new PC to life 52
Important things to remember when installing a motherboard 53
New PC building checksheet 55
Important things to remember when installing a motherboard 57
Hard disk installation checksheet 58A Guidebook in PC Hardware, Maintenance and Repair William Lloyd, Instructor
Copyright, 1997 Page iii 301/372-2889
Topic Page Number
How to install a sound card in your PC 59
Sound card installation checksheet 60
How to install a CD-ROM drive in your PC 61
CD-ROM installation checksheet 62
Fax modem installation checksheet 63
What will be covered in Test #2 64
Section 3: Coming to a conclusion 66
Stages in the laser printing process 67
Printer maintenance instructions 69
What happens when the server breaks down 70
If I unplug or disconnect my network cable from my PC ... 71
Can computer viruses be spread through a LAN 72
How do I install a network interface card 73
How do I install Novell Netware on a PC 74
Main Novell Netware (version 3.x) utility programs 75
What will be covered in Test #3 76
Hardware Parts Quiz 77
PC Upgrading Quiz 83
PC Upgrading Quiz - Answer sheet 85
Sample Exam #1 87
Sample Exam #2 91
Homework Assignment #1 93
Homework Assignment #2 95
Homework Assignment #3 96
Homework Assignment #4 98
Homework Assignment #5 99
Homework Assignment #6 100
Homework Assignment #7 101
Homework Assignment #8 102
Homework Assignment #9 103
Homework Assignment #10 104
What is PKZIP, and what can it do for you 105
Finding files on the Resource PC 107
Appendix A: DOS/Windows A+ Examination Review Course Notes 108
Using the FDISK and FORMAT commands in DOS 109
Using MEMMAKER to optimize memory 111
Typical CONFIG.SYS file 112
Typical AUTOEXEC.BAT 113
Understanding .INI files in Windows 114
Using Control Panel in Windows 115
Installing video card drivers in Windows 116
Configuring printers in Windows 117
Installing Windows applications 118
Installing Netscape on a PC 119
Tips on reinstalling Windows 120
What is Research Technology Associates, Inc. 121
Guidelines for obtaining equipment from Research Technology Associates, Inc. 122
Guidelines for donating equipment from Research Technology Associates, Inc. 123
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