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ES Curso- Fathers ’ Perspectives During Pregnancy, Postperinatal Loss- Download Free PDF


Objective: To present information about the father ’s perspective during the experience of a pregnancy following perinatal loss.
Design: Descriptive phenomenology.
Setting: Interviews were done in a venue chosen
by fathers (home, clinic).
Participants: Ten fathers who had experienced
a loss within the prior year and were currently with that
partner in a subsequent pregnancy.
Four themes emerged: Recognition, preoccupation, stoicism, and support.
Conclusions: Participants describe the need to
be recognized by others. The orderly conduct of their
daily lives is disrupted by preoccupation with the pregnancy. They feel unable to share their own anxiety and
fear because they want to protect the mothers. Societal
pressure to “be strong ” and the belief that “men don ’t
share ” appear to inhibit fathers from getting support.
Strategies to assess and support fathers emotionally at
the time of loss and in the subsequent pregnancy need
to be explored. JOGNN, 35, 78-86; 2006. DOI:
Keywords: Fathering —Grief —Perinatal loss —
Subsequent pregnancy
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