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Eng Course- Tutorial: Programming in Visual Basic 6.0 - Download Free PDF

This tutorial contains a beginner’s guide to Visual Basic 6.0, introducing the programming
environment, defining key terms and introducing exercises to demonstrate the five
control structures (sequence, selection: binary and multiway, iteration: pre and post

Syllabus outcome
H5.3  A student selects and applies appropriate software to facilitate the design and
development of software solutions

Students learn to implement a fully tested and documented software solution in a
methodical manner. (SDD syllabus, p.51)

The following headings may help you navigate:
 Activity 1: Welcome screen and menu editor
 Activity 2: Event handlers and scroll bars
 Naming conventions
 Data types, variables and functions
 Activity 3: Messages and input boxes
 Activity 4: Create a calculator and avoid division by zero
 Binary Selection
 Activity 5: Measurement converter
 Multiway selection
 Activity 6: Multiway selection
 Activity 7: Control arrays
 Activity 8: Pre-test loops
 Activity 9: Post-test loops
 Activity 10: Random number generator
 Activity 11: Using a counter in a pre-test loop
 Activity 12: Nested FOR loops and arrays

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