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Book- Learn to Type & Use the Computer Keyboard (& Mouse)- Download Free


The ability to type and use a computer keyboard and mouse are essential if you want to be able
to communicate well in the world today. As reading and writing skills improve, it’s a great idea
to include computer and typing training. And the great part about this curriculum is it includes
exercises that will at the same time help you improve your reading and writing!
Although learning to write by hand is essential, there are benefits to using a computer for some
of your lessons. With typing, there’s no need to worry about your handwriting and editing is
much easier. Plus, learning to use a computer will be a great boost to your confidence and selfesteem.
“But, wait,” you say, “I don’t know ANYTHING about computers!” No problem! This
curriculum includes resources, activities, example exercises, and lessons that will be fun ways
for you to become more confident in your computer and typing skills.
So, whether you’ve used a computer before or not, you’ll find an appropriate level within these
lessons to jump in and begin. A few of the resources begin by teaching what all the keyboard
keys actually do. Plus, you’ll learn to effectively manipulate computer windows and dialogue
boxes using the all-important mouse.
So … ready to get started? Let’s go . . .
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