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Eng Course- Television Production Handbook- Download Free PDF

The Television Production Process
When watching television, somebody’s vacation videos, a blogger’s video podcast,
or even a movie, you probably feel that you could do just as well or even better
than what’s on the screen. This may be true, but it is more likely that you will be surprised to
i nd how dii  cult it is to match the high production values of the average television show,
even if the content begs for improvement. The automatic features of most equipment may
even fool you into believing that television production is relatively easy—until your luck
runs out. Even if your short vacation video looks pretty good to you, it may need much more
ef ort and production skills to make it look good to somebody else. A seemingly simple
55-second chat between a news anchor in Portland and a soccer star in Madrid presents a
formidable challenge even for experienced production personnel. This book will help you
meet such a challenge.
The digital era has brought a general convergence of digital video and the necessary
production processes, regardless of whether you are working in broadcast television, in
digital cinema, or independently on small video projects. Fortunately, this convergence
has a common base: multicamera and single-camera television production. Learning the
ins and the outs of television production allows you to readily adapt to other forms of
digital video production.

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