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Eng Course- Management Skills for Executive Secretaries, Administrative Assistants And Support Staff- Download Free PDF

● Manage projects like the pros! Utilize
2 charting techniques that give you
“at a glance” control over even the
most complex projects.
● Win praise for the deals you make —
negotiate rewarding agreements with
suppliers, coworkers, anyone!
● Write it right the first time, and save
time! Our tested tips make business
writing easier and faster.
● Bring out the leader in yourself! Find
out how to earn the support and respect
you need to do an exceptional job.
● Tackle tough personalities and win!
Specific guidelines for defeating
the difficult people that make your
day miserable!
● Make decisions confidently and quickly —
discover a tested “decision model” that
ends those frustrating “approval
bottlenecks” once and for all!
● Plus, learn how to manage change,
overcome conflict, persuade and
motivate others, and much more.
See details inside!
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