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Learn to Speak Jamaican -Jamaican audio lessons

If you want to learn to speak Jamaican we have audio lessons. Use the Jamaican audio lessons and:
  • Learn to speak Jamaican from a Jamaican who is fluent in the Jamaican Patois language (the Jamaican language is called Patois).
  • Learn many Jamaican words.
  • Learn to speak Jamaican Patois using audio material and Text Manual. The audio and Text Manual can either be used together (recommended) or separately.
  • Learn Jamaican vocabulary, expressions plus more.
  • The audio lets you hear and become accustomed to the sounds of the Jamaican language.
  • The audio gives you the freedom to decide how and when you want to learn.
  • and more

    Here are some of the things you will learn from the Jamaican audio lessons:
  • Learn to say hello and learn other Jamaican greetings
  • Learn to tell someone you are fine, and learn how to respond to greetings
  • Learn how to say goodbye
  • Learn how to ask questions
  • You will learn how to answer questions
  • Learn to express yourself and describe people
  • Learn expressions that are commonly used
  • Learn some words related to Reggae
  • Learn the names of food found in Jamaica
  • and more
The Jamaican audio has the following benefits:
  • You will begin to recognize the sounds of Jamaican Patois.
  • You will begin to recognize particular Jamaican words.
  • Many of the words you find in the lessons are commonly used in Jamaica and in Jamaican entertainment.
  • Even beginners can pickup words and begin learning to speak Jamaican from the audio found here.
More about the Jamaican audio Lessons:
  • Suitable for Beginner to Intermediate or anyone with an interest in the Jamaican language.
  • You will hear the Jamaican word(s) being spoken then the meaning is given in Standard English.
  • Many of the words are used in an example to help you fully understand what they mean and how they can be used.
  • The lessons contain vocabulary words, phrases, expressions, sentences and more.
About the Audio:
  • The audio can be played on your computer or portable audio player.
  • The audio is over 1 hour long.
  • The file size of the audio is approximately 68 MB.
  • The audio is accompanied by the Text Manual
  • The audio is available for Download after your payment has been accepted (this usually happens almost immediately)
About the Text Manual:
  • A Text Manual is included so that you can read along while listening to the audio.
  • You do not necessarily have to read the Text Manual while listening to the audio but you will learn more and it will more beneficial if you read along while listening.
  • The Text Manual is the written version of what is said in the audio.
  • The Text Manual is in pdf format.
  • The Text Manual and the audio will both be included and both. are available for download                          
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