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Eng Course- METABOLIC SYNDROME (Complete Guide)- Download Free PDF


The metabolic syndrome is a cluster
of the most dangerous heart attack
risk factors: diabetes and raised
fasting plasma glucose, abdominal
obesity, high cholesterol and high
blood pressure.1-4
It is estimated that around 20-25 per
cent of the world’s adult population
have the metabolic syndrome and
they are twice as likely to die from
and three times as likely to have a
heart attack or stroke compared
with people without the syndrome.
In addition, people with metabolic
syndrome have a fi vefold greater
risk of developing type 2 diabetes.5
They would add to the 230 million
people worldwide who already have
diabetes6a, one of the most common
chronic diseases worldwide and
the fourth or fi fth leading cause of
death in the developed world. The
clustering of cardiovascular disease
(CVD) risk factors that typifi es
the metabolic syndrome is now
considered to be the driving force for
a new CVD epidemic.
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