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Eng Course- Diabetes: Nutrition and Health- Download Free PDF


Diabetes is a chronic disease in which
food is not properly absorbed in the body to
be used as energy. This results in high levels
of sugar in the blood. During the normal
process of digestion, food is consumed and
broken down into small sugar particles
called glucose. The glucose enters the blood
stream and is moved into the body’s cells,
where it can be used as energy. Insulin is a
hormone that is produced by the pancreas.
People with diabetes have too little insulin
production, their body is unable to use
insulin properly (insulin resistance), or both.
This does not allow glucose to be moved into
the body’s cells, which results high levels of
glucose in the bloodstream. There are four
major conditions associated with high blood
glucose levels: pre-diabetes, type 1 diabetes,
type 2 diabetes, and gestational diabetes.
Diabetes is the seventh leading cause
of death in the U.S. and has no cure.
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