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Eng Course- Craft Activities for Children- Download Free PDF


You don’t need to be particularly arty or have access to lots of expensive resources to
run exciting and fun craft activities with kids. This guide give you some simple and cheap
ideas of things you can do using materials you can buy in general stores, like paper
plates, pasta and potatoes. A few feathers and a bit of glitter make them a bit more
exciting though!
Here are a few things you might want to consider if you are running craft activities for
refugee children. You should take in to consideration that they may have limited English
and so activities shouldn’t be too difficult to understand. Making examples before they
arrive is a good way of getting over language barriers, even making a few at different
steps if it’s particularly difficult!
Children will be from a wide range of backgrounds and so it’s great to make activities
social ones that would build confidence, help them make friends and might even
improve language skills – masks and puppets for example are great activities for this!
So remember to leave the last half hour for playing with what they’ve made.
If you want to make the activities more educational, if it is part of a homework club for
example, you can do things like make number finger puppets or add letters in to collage
And, as with any art club, activities should be quick to do and dry so kids can take them
home the same day. You also want to make sure that the scissors, glue and paint you
use are suitable for use by children. Keep any sharp objects safely out of the way!
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