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Eng Course- Boys and Pubert- Download Free PDF


do butterflies get homework too?
Human beings are complex things. When you’re at school, you’re expected to get your homework handed in on time and go through puberty too. Compared to us, caterpillars have it easy.
They spin a cocoon around themselves and then, bingo! A few weeks later, they emerge as butterflies. Or maybe a moth. Whereas kids have to go from being kids to adults and learn about
the mysterious ‘facts of life’ on that journey. Your body changes, but you don’t get to stay in a
cocoon while it’s happening.
is it just me, or have i arrived on a new planet?
When you hit puberty, things change. Boys start to turn into men, and girls start to turn into
women. The body changes and the way you look at the world often changes too.
Puberty is a gradual thing and everyone goes through it. Puberty happens to you even while you
are getting your homework done, swimming at the beach, or going to the movies.
Whether you are a boy or a girl, you will experience the physical and emotional changes of
adolescence. For boys, puberty can begin around 12 or 13. For girls, it’s between 9 and 11. During
puberty, you might compare your body with your friends’ bodies. One friend may have a deeper
voice. Another might have hair on his chest or under his arms. Everyone develops at different rates.
But by the time everyone grows up, there will hardly be any differences between you.
Puberty is a time of many changes. Sometimes when you’re in the middle of it, you might feel
there is no one to talk to. Want to know something scary? Parents often understand more than
you might think! Remember, they went through puberty too! If you don’t want to talk to your
parents, you could try talking to a trusted relative or friend. Saying things out loud can be a
good way of getting things clear in your mind.
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