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Because of irrational fears, snakes are perhaps the most misunderstood creatures in West Virginia. These fears that are passed from
one generation to another make many state residents shudder at
the very thought of snakes. Yet these members of the reptile class play
a vital role in the balance of nature. Their colorful and complex life
histories are fascinating and give little justifi cation for the apprehension
felt by so many.
The fear of being bitten causes many persons to senselessly kill any
snake they see. Yet, of the 20 species of snakes found in the Mountain
State, only two are venomous, the Northern Copperhead and Timber
Rattlesnake. Although the majority of venomous snake bites in West
Virginia are from copperheads, no fatalities from copperheads have been
recorded in over 30 years. From 1969 to 1992 only four people in the
Mountain State have died from rattlesnake bites while in the wild. Bee
stings, cows and horses caused 15 times as many deaths as snakes. Up
to one-half of venomous snake bites result in no venom being injected.
If, however, you are bitten by a venomous snake, see a doctor or go to a
hospital immediately.
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