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Eng Book- Rights and Responsibilities at Work- Download Free PDF


Everyone at work is protected by a series of basic legal rights – some old and some new.
Changes are occurring all the time, and people should always seek detailed advice about
their particular circumstances.
The basic rights that give everyone some protection are known as statutory rights. These
come from a government initiative or from the EU, although such rights still have to be
turned into UK law. Employment rights are normally enforced by an employment tribunal,
made up of a panel of independent people, who listen to the employer’s and employee’s
point of view and come to a judgement about a case. Sometimes cases go to a civil court
for judges to interpret the law, and occasionally an employment-related matter could go
to a criminal court – for example if someone commits an assault at work, or if an
employer is being prosecuted for a breach of health and safety law.
The activities in this section support the statutory orders for Citizenship at key stage 4.
They help young people to learn about the rights and responsibilities of employers and
employees. Young people will also learn about legal and human rights and the ways in
which trade unions have helped to bring about social change.
The activities would benefit from the presence of a trade union official who has up-to-date
knowledge of employment law. Briefing notes for trade unionists are provided on pages
29–30 of this unit. Group leaders are advised to have access to recent reference material.
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