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Eng Book- Nightmares (Assessment, Theory, and Treatment)- Download Free PDF


Preface 9
Chapter 1: Nightmares: from anxiety symptom to sleep disorder 11
Part one -- Assessment of nightmares
Chapter 2: Does polysomnography reduce nightmare frequency? 33
Chapter 3: Initial validation of the SLEEP-50 questionnaire 39
Part two -- Prevalence and associated mental complaints
Chapter 4: The prevalence of sleep disorders in the Netherlands 57
Chapter 5: Depression and anxiety complaints; relations with sleep disturbances 63
Chapter 6: Direct awakening from a nightmare is not associated with increased 69
Part three -- A cognitive perspective on nightmares
Chapter 7: Lucid dreaming treatment for nightmares: a series of cases 77
Chapter 8: Lucid dreaming treatment for nightmares: a pilot-study 85
Chapter 9: A cognitive model of recurrent nightmares 97
Chapter 10: General Discussion 111
Samenvatting (Summary in Dutch) 123
Appendices SLEEP-50 English (A) and Dutch version (B) 129
Dankwoord (Acknowledgements) 133
Researcher’s Curriculum Vitae and Publications 135
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