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Eng Book- History of Civilizations- Download Free PDF


These preliminary pages seek to explain what thexnew history
curriculum requires of students in the senior forms. Logically, they
had to figure here, at the beginning of the book; but f©r teaching
purposes they belong elsewhere. Ideally, in fact, they should be
read towards the end of the second term, when the first part of the
course has been completed and serious study of the great civilizations
 is about to begin. By that time, students will already be more
familiar with philosophical terminology and debate. There is a case,
however, for tackling the subject, at least initially, here and now.
The new history curriculum for the senior forms poses difficult
problems. It amounts to a survey of the contemporary world in all
its confusion and complexity, but made intelligible in various
ways by an historical approach which may involve any of the
kindred social sciences - geography, demography, economics,
sociology, anthropology, psychology, etc.
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