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Eng Book- Essentials of Corporate Finance- Download Free PDF


Table of contents
Part 1 Overview of financial management
Ch 1 Introduction to financial management
Part 2 Understanding financial statements and cash flow
Ch 2 Financial statements, taxes and cash flows
Ch 3 Working with financial statements
Part 3 Valuation of future cash flows
Ch 4 Introduction to valuation: the time value of money
Ch 5 Discounted cash flow valuation
Part 4 Valuing stocks and bonds
Ch 6 Interest rates, bills and bond valuation
Ch 7 Equity markets and share valuation
Part 5 Capital budgeting
Ch 8 Net present value and other investment criteria
Ch 9 Making capital investment decisions
Part 6 Risk and return
Ch 10 Some lessons from capital market history
Ch 11 Risk and return
Part 7 Long-term financing
Ch 12 Cost of capital
Ch 13 Leverage and capital structure
Ch 14 Dividends and dividend policy
Ch 15 Raising capital
Part 8 Short-term financial management
Ch 16 Short-term financial planning
Ch 17 Working capital management
Part 9 Topics in business finance
Ch 18 International aspects of financial managem
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