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Eng Book- Driver's Manual- Download Free PDF


This driver’s manual will help you become a safe
motorist and understand New York State’straf ic
laws and regulations. This knowledge, along with
your experience, caution and sense ofresponsibility
behind the wheel can help protect your health and
life as well asthat of yourfamily, friends and other
highway users.
Part One of the manual explainsthe procedures and
requirementsfor getting a driverlicense and operating
a vehicle in New York State. Part Two describesthe rules
of the road and the meaning of traf ic control devices.
Part Three of ers valuable information aboutsafe
driving techniques and strategies.
Studying the contents of this manual will make you
a better driver and vehicle owner.I encourage you
to use the valuable information contained in these
pages because conscientious and considerate driving
is everyone’sresponsibility.
Best wishesfor many years ofsafe driving.
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