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Eng Course- Xbox 360 User Manual- Download Free PDF


1. Introduction
2. Getting Started
2.a. Pack Contents
2.b. System requirements
2.c. Installing the XPORT 360 software
2.d. Connecting XPORT to your PC
2.e. Connecting Devices to your XPORT
3. Accessing files on your Xbox 360 hard drive
3.a. Introduction
3.b. Connecting to your Xbox 360 hard drive using XPORT 360
3.c. Backing-up and restoring your Xbox 360 hard drive
3.d. Understanding the Xbox 360 file system
3.e. Using downloaded Xbox 360 game saves
3.e.i. Extract the downloaded folder
3.e.ii. Open your profile folder
3.e.iii. Identify the correct part of the downloaded save
3.e.iv. Drag the downloaded game save into XPORT 360
3.e.v. Check your gamesave on the Xbox 360
3.g. Working with Xbox 360 Memory Cards
3.h. Transferring Xbox 1 Saves to your Xbox 360
3.h.i. Create a gamesave for your game on your Xbox 360
3.h.ii. Copy the gamesaves from your Xbox 1 memory card to your PC
3.h.iii. Add the gamesaves to your Xbox 360’s hard drive
4. Technical Support
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