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Forrest Mims is a science writer with over 500
articles and more than 70 books to his credit. Among
his accomplishments is the invention of a hand-held
instrument that measures atmospheric ozone. For
this accomplishment, Mims won a 1993 Rolex Award,
which included a cash prize of 50,000 Swiss Francs
(about $30,000). Mims used his prize money to
produce about 30 instruments, which have become
part of the Sun Photometer Atmospheric Network
(SPAN) – a worldwide network that has been set up
to monitor ozone. For more information about SPAN,
write to Mims at 433 Twin Oak Road, Seguin, TX,
78155. For more information about his instrument,
called MicroTOPS, contact Advanced Concept Electronics,
116 W. 19th Street, POB472, Higginsville,
MO 64037-0472. The phone number is (816) 584-
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