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Eng Course- Galactosemia (Understanding A Diet Guide)- Download Free PDF

This third edition of “Understanding Galactosemia - A Diet Guide” is for anyone who plans meals for someone with classical galactosemia. For parents of young babies who have recently been diagnosed, this booklet will provide useful background information about galactosemia as well as details about managing the diet. This will help you confidently plan what to offer your baby now and as he or she grows. For those already familiar with galactosemia, this booklet will provide updated information about diet management, galactose content of foods, and tools for day-to-day food choices and meal planning.
There is much new information about galactosemia. Specifically, we are learning more about how much
galactose is in foods and how the body uses galactose. Because new information about galactosemia comes up all the time, maintain regular contact with your metabolic doctor and dietitian. They can help you stay up-to-date about any new developments in diet treatment. Along with the expertise of your metabolic team, we hope this booklet will be a useful tool for you.

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