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Eng Course- All about Tsunamis- Download Free PDF

I.  Tsunami = Killer Wave?
II.  Characteristics of Tsunamis
III.  Tsunami Generation
IV.  Tsunami Propagation
V.  Tsunami Shoaling
VI.  Tsunami Hazard Estimation
VII.  Tsunami Forecasting

Characteristics of Tsunamis
A. Tsunami Velocity, Wavelength, and Period  This article reviews classical tsunami theory.
Classical theory envisions a rigid seafloor overlain by an incompressible, homogeneous, and
non-viscous ocean subjected to a constant gravitational field. Classical tsunami theory has been
investigated widely, and most of its predictions change only slightly under relaxation of these
assumptions. This article draws upon linear theory that also presumes that the ratio of wave amplitude to wavelength is much less than one. By and large, linearity is violated only during the final stage of wave breaking and perhaps, under extreme nucleation conditions.


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