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Eng Course- The Philosophy of Law- Download Free PDF

T R A N S L A T O R ' S   P R E F A C E .
'But next  to  a  new  ~ i s t o &  of  Law,  what we most require  is  a
new  Philosophy  of  faw.'-Sir  HENRY SUMNE~  MAINE.
KANT'S Science  of  Riyht ' is a complete exposition of  the
Yhilosophy of  Law, viewed  as a rational investigation of
the  fundamental Principles  of  Jurisprudence.  It  was
published  in  1'796,2 as  the First Part of  his Metaphysic
of  Mo~nls: the  promised sequel  and  completion  of  the
Foundation  for  a ilfetaphysic  of  Movals~ published  in
1'785.  The irnportance and value o£ the great thinker's
exposition  of  the  Science  of  Right, both  as  regards the
fundamental Principles of  his  own Practical Philosophy
and the general interest  of  the  Philosophy of  Law, were
at  once recognised.  A  second  Edition,  enlarged  by  an
1 Rechtslehre.
It appeared soon  after Michaelmas 1796,  but with the  year  1797 on
the title-page.  This has  given rise to some  confusion regarding the date
of  the first Edition, which is now  usually  quoteri as  1796-7.  (Schubert,
Kant's  Werke, Bd.  ix.  viii.,  and Biographie, p.  145.)
* Die Metaphysik der Sitten. Erster Theil.  Metaphysische Anfangs-
gründe der Rechtslehre.  Köriigsberg, 1797.
4  Grundlegung  zur Metaphysik der Sitten. Translated  by  Willich
(1798), Semple (1836), and Abbott (1873).

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