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Eng Course- Photoshop CS4- Download Free PDF


Getting Started with Photoshop
Launching Photoshop
• From the Start menu, select Programs.
• From Programssubmenu, select Adobe Design Premium
• From Adobe Design Premium CS4 submenu, select Adobe
Photoshop CS4.
Navigating in Photoshop CS
Opening Images
Because Photoshop’s interface is different from the Microsoft
Office products, navigating within the Photoshop environment can
take some practice. Viewing existing images in the Photoshop
environment is a great way to become acquainted with the
Photoshop interface. To view an existing image:
• From the File menu, select Open.
• The Open window will appear.
• Navigate to the folder that contains your images.
• Select the file you want to open.
• Click on the button labeled Open.
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