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Eng Course- Learn Pediatrics- Download Free PDF

Combined Internal Medicine and Pediatrics (Med-Peds) residency training is a
unique and exciting way to become a  well-trained physician.  As program
directors, we find students eager for more information about the nature and
possibilities of such training.   In compiling this manual, our goal was to provide
up-to-date information about the history, mechanics, training, and career
opportunities available to the future Med-Peds physician.
As with any decision, careful consideration of your personal goals is the
foundation of the process.  The selection of a specific residency program happens
only after a well-researched decision on what specialty to pursue, followed by
examination of individual program strengths and weaknesses.  This is a process in
evolution; each encounter during training is an opportunity to focus on how best
to achieve your goals.
Good decisions get better with information from the best sources, and this guide
is meant to assist in that process.  Communicating with those who have already
followed a given path is important, and we strongly encourage you to seek out
Med-Peds physicians in your community.  There is no substitute for the expertise
of one who has already been through residency and successfully practices his or
her art every day.
Specific information about individual programs is best found by direct contact
with that program. Other sources of information about Med-Peds and Med-Peds
programs will be listed throughout the manual. Thank you for your interest in
Med-Peds and best of luck in following your career path.

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