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Eng Course- Guide to lift weights- Download Free PDF

Physical Activity
Committing to participate in a physical activity program is an important step toward living a
healthy lifestyle. Research has shown that maintaining an active lifestyle contributes to
increased longevity and quality of life.
There are three main components of an overall physical activity program: aerobic exercise,
flexibility training, and strength training.
1) Aerobic exercise focuses on improving cardiorespiratory and cardiovascular
health (e.g., walking, running, hiking, treadmill, elliptical trainer).
2) Flexibility training involves stretching muscles in an effort to maintain and
increase mobility (e.g., yoga, stretching).
3) Strength training focuses on increasing or maintaining muscle mass through
resistance exercises (e.g., weight training, yoga).
What is Weight Training?
Weight training is an effective tool for improving or maintaining strength, endurance, and
overall fitness. It involves controlled movements of skeletal muscle in an effort to move an
external load. This can be accomplished by using machines, free-weights, and exercises
involving body weight. Individuals participating in a weight training program can expect
improvement in body tone and strength. Incorporating a weight training program as part of
a complete fitness plan will contribute to increased weight loss/control, balance and
coordination, and a better overall sense of well-being.
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