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Eng Course- Diet Manual- Download Free in PDF

This manual has been devised as a means of reference to those catering for medically prescribed and
special diets. Its aim is to make the provision of special diets as simple and straightforward as
Anyone requiring to follow a special diet is usually referred to a Dietitian by a Medical Practitioner
for specialised, individual dietary advice. It is important that the diet is adhered to properly, as it is
likely to be a major part of the medical treatment.
There are many special diets, the following information being a brief and general summary of the
most common ones. Any specific dietary information should be contained in the individual’s personal
diet sheet and meal plan which will have been issued by their Dietitian. Parents who wish their child
to have school meals with more specialist dietary requirements should arrange for the Dietitian to
discuss their requirements with the Catering Manager.

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