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Eng Book- Video Game Addiction- Download Free PDF


What are the symptoms?
For kids:
· Most of non-school hours are spent on the computer or playing video
· Falling asleep in school.
· Not keeping up with assignments.
· Worsening grades.
· Lying about computer or video game use.
· Choosing to use the computer or play video games, rather than see
· Dropping out of other social groups (clubs or sports).
· Irritable when not playing a video game or on the computer.
For adults:
· Computer or video game use is characterized by intense feelings of
pleasure and guilt.
· Obsessing and pre-occupied about being on the computer, even when
not connected.
· Hours playing video games or on the computer increasing, seriously
disrupting family, social or even work life.
· Lying about computer or video game use.
· Experience feelings of withdrawal, anger, or depression when not on
the computer or involved with their video game.
· May incur large phone or credit bills for on-line services.
· Can't control computer or video game use.
· Fantasy life on-line replaces emotional life with partner.
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