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Eng Book- Guidance in Education- Download Free PDF


Provision of educational and vocational guidance for pupils and students in the
education system and for young people outside education and employment is
given high priority in Denmark.
In April 2003, the Danish parliament adopted a new act on guidance
(eng.uvm.dk/guidance/guidance.doc), as a result of which a comprehensive
restructuring of guidance services in the educational system was initiated. The
Danish Government wishes to make it easier for citizens to make realistic decisions
about learning opportunities and careers - for the individual’s own sake and for the
good of society as a whole. The Danish guidance reform should be seen in this
The new guidance system became operational 1 August 2004. The Ministry of
Education has been responsible for the implementation of the Danish guidance
reform, and it has a controlling and coordinating role in relation to the new
guidance system.
This publication gives an overview of the key elements of the reform and the new
Danish guidance system in the educational sector. The reform is primarily concerned with guidance services for young people. The main providers of guidance
services for adults are the public employment services and the municipalities but
these services are not covered by the reform and, therefore, they are not described
in this booklet.
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