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ES Libro- Excel 2007 Tutorial- Download Free PDF


This tutorial is designed to aid biology students with their first few Excel spreadsheet
applications. Excel and most other spreadsheet programs are very powerful
applications with far too many features to learn all in one sitting. If you are interested
in learning more advanced techniques I direct you to the help menu, or try a Google
search. Alternatively, there are many excellent books available.
This tutorial was written for Microsoft Excel 2007 (running under Windows XP). My
previous Excel 2002 tutorial is available on my web site.
I use the following conventions when referring to commands Home > Font > means
to look in the Font portion of the Home Ribbon. Ctrl-C means press the control and
c key at the same time. Similarly, Alt-Ctrl-C means press all three keys at once.
Remember that there are usually several ways to accomplish any one command,
personally I use the right click on my mouse and speed keys for most tasks.
However, for this tutorial I will primarily use ribbon commands as these are usually
more intuitive for new users.
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