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Eng Course- Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches to the Measurement of Complex Social Phenomena: A Case of Occupational Professionalisation - Download Free PDF


The main purpose of scientific research is the discovery of laws based on which
interpretation and prediction of phenomena is possible. In this endeavour the
quality of the measurement instruments (or the research in general) with which we
obtain empirical data for the attainment of this purpose, is of crucial importance.
In the social sciences, there are different approaches for establishing the quality of
measurement. In the quantitative tradition of social research, assessing quality of
research has a relatively long tradition. The first studies in this field go back to the
1940s and 1950s (e.g., Cantril 1944; Payne 1951). In later decades many more
comprehensive and more systematic studies on the quality of (mostly survey) data
and of factors that affect it were done. (e.g., Sudman and Bradburn 1982; Schwarz
and Sudman, 1996; Sudman et al., 1996).
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