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Eng Course- Health Sciences handbook- Download Free PDF


This handbook is the official guide to the courses offered in the Faculty
of Health Sciences located at the Cumberland campus of the University
of Sydney. The handbook was prepared in advance of the 2010
academic year to maximise its usefulness as a reference to students,
staff, and to the many associates of the faculty, particularly those who
contribute to the clinical education of students.
The charter of the faculty is to provide competent practitioners in the
health professions. The aims are for excellence in research, clinical
and academic teaching.
The fields encompassed by the faculty at the undergraduate and/or
postgraduate level are:
• Behavioural Sciences
• Biomedical Sciences
• Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy
• Clinical Data Management
• Developmental Disability
• Diagnostic Radiography
• Exercise and Sport Science
• Gerontology
• Health Informatics
• Health Sciences
• Health Science Education
• Hearing and Speech
• Indigenous Community Health
• Manipulative Physiotherapy
• Medical Radiation Sciences
• Medical Sonography
• Neurological Physiotherapy
• Nuclear Medicine
• Occupational Therapy
• Orthoptics
• Paediatric Physiotherapy
• Physiotherapy
• Radiation Therapy
• Rehabilitation Counselling
• Sexual Health
• Speech Pathology
• Sports Physiotherapy
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