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3 ImprovingCalciumIntakeAmongElderlyAfricanAmericans:
Barriers andEffectiveStrategies
Terra L. Smith, Susan J. Stephens,Mary Ann Smith, Linda Clemens,
and Dianne K. Polly
15 The Influence of theHealthyEating for LifeProgramonEatingBehaviors
Cynthia A. Long, AlmaMontano Saddam,Nikki L.Conklin, and ScottD. Scheer
25 Using aConcurrent Events Approach toUnderstand Social Support and
Food InsecurityAmongElders
Edward A. Frongillo, Pascale Valois, andWendy S.Wolfe
33 Measuring the FoodSecurity ofElderlyPersons
Mark Nord
47 AStatewideEducational Intervention to ImproveOlderAmericans’
Nutrition andPhysicalActivity
M.A. McCamey, N.A. Hawthorne, S. Reddy, M. Lombardo, M.E. Cress,
andM.A. Johnson
58 Estimation ofPortionSizes byElderlyRespondents
SandriaGodwin and Edgar Chambers IV
67 HealthyEating IndexScores and theElderly
Michael S. Finke and Sandra J. Huston
74 FactorsAffectingNutritionalAdequacyAmongSingleElderlyWomen
Deanna L. Sharpe, Sandra J. Huston, and Michael S. Finke
83 Reduction inModifiableOsteoporosis-RelatedRisk FactorsAmongAdults
in theOlderAmericansNutritionProgram
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