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Eng Course- Avoiding Heart Attacks and Strokes- Download Free PDF


Why you should read this booklet 4
Key messages 5
Part 1. What you should know 6
1. Understanding heart attacks and strokes 7
What is a heart attack? 7
What is a stroke? 8
What causes heart attacks and strokes? 9
2. Preventing heart attacks and strokes 11
How poor lifestyle choices increase the risk 11
The physical problems that can result from poor lifestyle choices 12
Tips for reducing your risk 14
3. What are the signs of a heart attack and what should you do? 15
Major heart attack 15
What to do if you are having a heart attack 15
Angina 15
What to do if you are having an angina attack 16
Treating a heart attack 16
4. What are the signs of stroke and what should you do? 18
Major stroke 18
Minor stroke 18
What to do in the case of a stroke 19
Treating stroke 19
5. Other heart diseases 21
Heart failure 21
Congenital heart disease 22
Rheumatic heart disease 24
Part 2. What you can do 26
6. Stop using tobacco 27
7. Improve your diet 29
8. Stay active and control your weight 31
9. Reduce high blood pressure 33
10. Reduce high blood sugar 35
11. Reduce high blood fat levels 38
Annex. Medicines for treating and managing heart attacks and strokes 40
Explanation of terms used in this booklet 42
Contributors 44
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