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Nantes Métropole does not
have a history of measuring
noise levels across its territory.
There is however mapping and
regulatory assessment.
As far as tackling noise in France
is concerned, the State may
legislate, but it is mayors who
have the day-to-day responsibility for tackling neighbourhood
noise under their policing powers,
even if new urban communities
such as Nantes Métropole
have powers to 'tackle noise
nuisance'. It is on this basis
that Nantes Métropole has implemented European Directive
2002/49/EC. In order to be
effective, an active policy on
the sound environment must
include all institutional players
and citizens.
Traffi c is the predominant source
of this noise and chiefl y affects
the territory of Nantes : of the
16 % of inhabitants exposed
to a level L den > 65 dBA over
24 hours, 77 % live in Nantes,
and of the 4 % of inhabitants
exposed at night-time to a level
Ln > 60 dBA, 98 % are from
The list of sensitive buildings
(schools, hospitals, etc.) exposed to an Lden > 60 dBA
indicates that 68 % are located
within City of Nantes. With regard
to rail noise (trains, trams), under
1 % of the population is exposed
to an Lden > 60 dBA, but 88 %
of those are from Nantes.

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