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Eng Book- Mysteries of the Twin Towers- Download Free PDF


Contents at a glance: 
1.0 The Case for Controlled Demolition
1.1 First experts suggest explosives were used.
1.2 Explosives Considered
1.2.1 Problems with the Dust
1.2.2 North Tower Antenna and “upper block”
1.2.3 Symmetrical, quickly, completely
1.2.4 Sliced Steel
1.2.5 Squibs
1.2.6 Ejected material
1.2.7 Molten metal in the Basements for weeks
1.2.8 Surface Hot Spots
1.2.9 Vaporized Steel
1.2.10 Massive Destruction
1.2.11 Afterglow
1.2.12 Vaporized Humans?
2.0 Eye and Ear Witness Reports
2.1 Suppression of Photographic Evidence?
2.2. Reports of explosions.
2.2.1 Reports of explosions prior to aircraft impact and/or emanating from lower floors
2.2.2 Reports of explosions probably after aircraft impact but prior to collapse.2.2.3 Unexpected Damage on the 22nd floor, lobby, and basement of N. Tower probably after
aircraft impact but prior to collapse
2.2.4 Reports of explosions and tower swaying at the time of collapse.
2.3 Reports of explosions by members of the NYC Fire Department
2.3.1 Attempt to Discredit NYFD?
2.3.2 Statements going directly to the media
2.3.3 Real time audiotapes of communication between rescue services during the attacks
2.3.4 Interviews and Oral Histories taken after the attacks
3.0 How does the seismic data fit in?
3.1 The Earthquakes
3.2 Is the seismic record consistent with NIST conclusions?
3.3 Seismic activity at time of aircraft impact
4.0 WTC Security
4.1 Insurance
4.2 Damage to FBI Offices
4.3 Anomalies leading up to the Day
4.4 Security firms
4.5 A note on “Urban Renewal” of the Twin Towers
5.0 History and its Revision
5.1 The History of Fire Induced Collapse of Steel Buildings
5.2.0 The First Wave of Politically Correct Revisionist Theories
5.2.1 Fire Theory
5.2.2 Steel Melted By Heat
5.2.3 Steel Weakened By Heat
5.2.4 Refutation of Early Fire and Heat Theories.
5.2.5 The Problem of a Completely Symmetrical collapse
5.2.6 Pancake Theory
5.3.0 The FEMA Building Performance Assessment (BPA)
5.3.1 Executive Summary
5.3.2 Deepest mystery makes Appendix C
5.3.3 Immediate Reaction to the FEMA BPA Report
5.3.4 Structural Engineers
5.3.5 Firefighters
5.3.6 Congress
5.3.7 Media
5.4.0 The 9/11 Commission
5.4.1 The 9/11 Commission Report
5.4.2 9/11 Commission Makeup
5.4.3 9/11 Commission Behavior 5.5.0 The Silverstein Studies
5.6.0 The NIST Investigation
5.6.1 Review of Documents: Many relevant documents not mentioned or missing Original tower design features and claims
5.6.2 Interviews
5.6.3 Lab Tests: Fire and NIST
5.6.4 Analysis and Simulation WTC tower structure NIST Simulation of Aircraft Damage to Tower Structure. Descending Block Scenario during “collapse initiation.” Where is the momentum transfer analysis?
5.6.5 Steven Jones on Kevin Ryan and NIST:
5.6.6 The Engineering Community
5.6.7 Purdue Study: A NIST prop?
5.6.8 Secrecy
5.6.9 The real goal of the NIST “investigation” ?
5.6.10 Legal challenges filed against NIST
5.6.11 More Scientists Architects and Engineers question NIST Results
5.7.0 How do the Official Investigations Compare?
5.7.1 A Continuity of Faces
5.7.2 North Tower Antenna
5.7.3 Amount of jet fuel burned within the WTC towers
5.7.4 References to explosives, explosive, or anomalous characteristics
5.7.5 Aircraft Impact Damage
5.7.6 “Pancaking”, “Progressive Collapse”; Mode of failure; New building codes
6.0 Bush Science
7.0 Alternative Theories
7.1 Steven Jones Thermite/Thermate Alternative
7.2 Gordon Ross Four Phase Attack Alternative
8.0 Wrapping it up with a few questions
9.0 Fair Use Notice
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