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Eng Book- Journalism Handbook for Students- Download Free PDF


1. Integrity
2. Human Sources
--On the record, off the record, on background, not for attribution
--In-person, phone, e-mail, and instant message interviews
--Person on the street interviews
--Obligations to sources
--Taping conversations
--Reporting/videotaping post 9/11
3. Research Materials & Copyright
--Fact-checking information
--Fair use
--Adding music to video and audio segments
4. Privacy vs. the Public's Right to Know
--Undercover reporting
--Writing about children
5. Potential Conflicts of interest
--Writing about friends and family members
--Press junkets
--Accepting hospitality
--Free tickets
--Paying sources
--Quid pro quo
--Political and charitable donations2
6. Legal
--Breaking the law in pursuit of a story
--Sunshine laws and the freedom of information act (FOIA)
--Government subpoenas
7. Point of view
--Objectivity vs. subjectivity
9. Cardinal Sins
--Doctoring photos or video
--Fictional devices
10. Ethics Pledge
11. Journalism Resources on the Web
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