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Eng Book- Identifying Emotional and Behavioral Problems in Children- Download Free PDF


Emotional and behavioral problems
are among the most prevalent chronic
health conditions of childhood and often
have serious negative consequences for
a child’s academic achievement and
social development (1–5). Parents are
frequently the first adults to identify that
a child has a serious emotional or
behavioral problem and they play a
major role in arranging diagnostic and
treatment services for children (6).
Many epidemiologic studies of the
emotional and behavioral problems of
children have relied on parent responses
to survey questions to identify children
at high risk of these problems (7).
Surveys that collect information from
parents also have the advantage of using
a respondent who is knowledgeable
about other aspects of a child’s life,
including the child’s sociodemographic
characteristics, diagnosed developmental
conditions, and use of educational and
health care services.
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