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Eng Course- Unity 3D Basic Info and Tutorials- Download Free PDF


Interface and Controls
The basic interface is comprised of five essential sections: Scene, Game, Hierarchy, Project and
Scene shows all of the assets or objects in the game.  This is also where you can edit the size or position
of the objects as well as create new ones.  The Game window is where the game can be previewed in
real time. Once the window is
displayed, press the “Play” button to
start the game running in real
Hierarchy lists all of the attributes of the scene.  Each asset can be selected individually or in groups.
The Project window shows all of the files in the project Asset folder.  This includes all textures, models,
scripts and materials.  Simply clicking and dragging the models onto the scene window adds them to the
world and includes them in the hierarchy window.  The Inspector tab shows the components and values
of each object of the scene.    This includes transformations or applied scripts such as animation or
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