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Eng Course- On the Individuality of Fingerprints- Download Free PDF


FINGERPRINT-BASED personal identification is routinely
used in forensic laboratories and identification units
around the world [1] and it has been accepted in the courts
of law for nearly a century [2]. Until recently, the testimony
of latent fingerprint examiners was admitted in courts
without much scrutiny and challenges. However, in the
1993 case of Daubert vs. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
[3], the US Supreme Court ruled that the reliability of an
expert scientific testimony must be established. Additionally,
the Court stated that when assessing reliability, the
following five factors should be considered:
1. whether the particular technique or methodology in
question has been subject to a statistical hypothesis
2. whether its error rate has been established,
3. whether the standards controlling the technique's
operations exist and have been maintained,
4. whether it has been peer reviewed and published, and
5. whether it has a general widespread acceptance.

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