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Eng Course- HUGO CHÁVEZ Biography- Download Free PDF

  This monograph comes at a time when the U.S. and Venezuelan
governments are intensifying an ongoing series of acrimonious
charges and countercharges. Each country has argued repeatedly
that the other is engaged in a political-economic-military struggle
for Western Hemisphere hegemony. On a more personal level, the
United States maintains that President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela
is playing a destabilizing role in the region, and is compromising
the quality of democracy and the exercise of power in Venezuela
and other parts of the Americas. Chávez rebuts that the only
destabilizing factor in the hemisphere is President George W. Bush,
and that democracy and power long since have been perverted by
American capitalists and local elites for their own purposes. And the
U.S.-Venezuelan verbal sparing match continues unabated.
 The author’s intent is to explain who Hugo Chávez is, where it
appears that he is going, and how he intends to get there; and the
implications for democracy and stability in Latin America. He
concludes that—in the worst case—Chávez is developing the
conceptual and physical bases for an asymmetric “Super Insurgency.”
 This timely monograph contributes significantly to an understanding of the new kinds of threats characteristic of a world in which
instability and irregular conflict are no longer on the margins of
global politics. For those responsible for making and implementing
national security policy in the United States, the rest of the Western
Hemisphere, and elsewhere in the world, this analysis is compelling.
The Strategic Studies Institute is pleased to offer this monograph
as part of the ongoing debate on global and regional security and

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