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Eng Course- Constitution of the Republic of Chile- Download Free PDF


Santiago, October 21st., 1980.- The following has been decreed today:
Number 1,150.- Whereas, Provision of decree-laws numbers 1 and 128 of 1973; 527 of 1974; 3464 of
1980; and
That the Hon. Government Junta approved a new Political Constitution of the Republic of Chile,
submitting its text to ratification by plebiscite;
That, to this end, the Hon. Government Junta called the entire Nation to a plebiscite for the day of
September 11th, 1980;
That the national sovereign will, expressed by the majority in a free, secret and informed action, was
pronounced approving the proposed Constitution;
That the National Scrutinizing College has remitted the Record of the general scrutiny of the Republic
containing the official and definitive result of the plebiscite and wherein the approval of the new
Constitutional text by a majority of the Chilean people is evident;
With the merit of these facts and invoking the name of the Almighty God
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