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Eng Course- All about Plants & Seeds- Download Free PDF

Human beings, other animals and plants are the living organisms that exist on
earth. Plants are the only organisms able to sustain themselves by producing their
own food. In turn, they provide food for animals and humans, through the food
Almost all plants have one common characteristic making them different from
animals. Plants, such as trees, flowers, fruits and vegetables, produce chlorophyll,
a substance that allows them to convert solar energy into nutrition, or food.
Humans, as well as animals, on the other hand, obtain their nutrition either by
consuming plants or by consuming other animals. Humans eat both meat and
plants. Some plants, however, are not able to use sunlight and soil to produce
their own source of energy. For example, molds are parasites obtaining their
energy directly from the plant or animal they live on — their host. Furthermore,
plants such as molds do not reproduce through seeds; they reproduce by creating

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