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Eng Course- All about The Mammoth Story- Download Free PDF

Elephants are the largest living land mammals. There have
been more than 500 different kinds of elephants on the Earth at
various times over  the last 55 million years. Only two of these
remain alive today: the African Elephant and the Asian (or
Indian) Elephant. They are restricted to tropical climates, but
other species, living long ago, were more adapted to colder
climates. These include the mammoths. The remains of four of
the extinct  species have been found in British Columbia: the
Woolly Mammoth, the Columbia Mammoth, the Imperial Mammoth and the Mastodon.
In northern areas of the world, mammoth finds tend to cluster in
time periods when exposed soil and moisture were moving
sediments downslope and especially when sediments are
moving in front of glaciers. Ironically, these were times when
mammoths were not particularly abundant, but it was more
likely that bones lying on the ground would get buried during
these conditions. It is this situation that has preserved many of
the fossils found in British Columbia.

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