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Eng Course- Albinism (Vision Considerations)- Download Free PDF

Albinism is an inherited genetic condition
that reduces the amount of melanin
pigment formed in the skin, hair and/or
eyes. Albinism occurs in all racial and ethnic
groups throughout the world. In the U.S.,
approximately one in 18,000 people has
some type of albinism. In other parts of the
world, the occurrence can be as high as one
in 3,000.  Most children with albinism are
born to parents who have normal hair and
eye color for their ethnic backgrounds.
A common myth is that people with
albinism have red eyes. Although some
people have reddish or violet eyes, most
have blue eyes and some have hazel or
brown eyes. There are different types of
albinism and the amount of pigment in the
eyes varies; however, all forms of albinism
are associated with vision problems.

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