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Eng Course- Guide to the Perfect Bass Setup- Download Free PDF


Important Information: 6
Waiver 9
Safety: 9
Chapter 1
Preparing Your Instrument
Before You Begin 11
Choosing a Place to Work 11
Tools 12
Getting the Instrument Ready 13
Cleaning the Fingerboard 13
Cleaning the Bridge 14
Cleaning the Electronics 15
Chapter 2
Adjusting the Instrument
Changing the Strings 17
Pre-Adjustment of the Bridge - Height 18
Neck Adjustment 22
The Neck Adjustment Process 29
Bridge – Setting the Intonation 31
The Intonation Setting Process 32

Adjusting the Height and Angle of the Pickups 36
The Adjustment Schedule 39
Chapter 3
Instruments with a Double Truss-Rod
Instruments with a Double Truss-Rod 41
Parallel Truss-Rod System (A+A) 41
Diagonal Double Truss-Rod System (A+B) 42
Appendix A
Standard Tuning Table 47
Tuning Table for  ERB Basses 48
Cut-Out Templates for Curvature Adjustment 49
Standard Formats A and B 49
Cut-Out Templates for Curvature Adjustment 52
ERB Formats A and B 52
Appendix B
More Educational Products
From Jerzy Drozd
The Alchemy of Sound - The Book 58
Bass Design Fundamentals - Video Course 60


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